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Published: Friday | October 16, 2009
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Courteous service despite dead cockroaches
The Editor, Sir: On September 24, I arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport to attend my father's funeral and was greeted by two women handing out H1N1 information, which I thought was a very prudent move...

An angry public servant
The Editor, Sir: I am a government employee of eight years and I am a proud one.Whichever party is in power I still do my job to the best of my ability.I am really not into the party siding when it comes to the job.

Phillips' bombshell
The Editor, Sir: Why should only the poor obey the law? That seemed to be the question that a former minister of national security was trying to ask recently, during a very interesting and comprehensive discussion on crime on the Breakfast Club.

Education crisis: a remedy with effort
The Editor, Sir: Every crisis presents an opportunity for corrective measures, healing or remedy. As I listened to and read comments about the crisis in education, I conclude we do not need a dogmatic controversy over the 10,000 students ...

A desensitised nation
The Editor, Sir: The daily killings in Jamaica have reached the point where as a nation we are essentially desensitised. We no longer look at these crimes ...

Lord Hoffman was right
The Editor, Sir: The approach of the Privy Council to the interpretation of our constitutional provisions relating to the right to life and the death penalty, over time, impelled one of its judges, Lord Hoffman, to warn his brethren...

Lewin should show what he has done
The Editor, Sir: In order to justify his leadership of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin needs to show the nation what he has done since assuming the position as head of the JCF.

Why I left Jamaica
The Editor, Sir: A few days ago the mailwoman delivered to my home in South Florida a card and letter from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service that said 'Welcome to the United States of America'.

Peace prize for man of war?
The Editor, Sir: Obama gets peace prizes for a mega troops surge in Afghanistan... hmm! What peace will that bring to minds in the Middle East or to the children suffering in the hills and mountains in Afghanistan...

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