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Published: Wednesday | July 22, 2009
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Jamaica's gun problem
The Editor, Sir: Everyone is rightly concerned about the ongoing gun problem in Jamaica. We have struggled with many ideas and implemented new strategies to control this problem, but the situation seems to worsen or remains the same each year...

On the matter of public health care
The Editor, Sir: I am responding to Mr Huey Granston's letter published yesterday on the Government's current policy of free access to public health care.Health systems have three fundamental objectives - improving the health of the population they...

Justice Square
The Editor, Sir: Many Jamaicans are somewhat excited about plans to establish 'Justice Square'. This represents a step in the right direction to finally create visible national governance in the nation's capital city...

'Slavery cannot be just'
The Editor, Sir: Do permit me space to reply to Michael Dingwall's letter, published yesterday, implying that slavery was being used as a political football. We all know that it is uncomfortable to hear the truth, but so was the chains that bounded slaves...

Kudos to WI players on strike
The Editor, Sir: Kevin O'Brien Chang could not have said it any better.I must agree with Kevin and I support the players who are on strike. Personally, I will not be attending any of the matches until the issue is resolved between the West Indies Players' ..

Let go of the 'pork barrel politics'
The Editor, Sir:It is indeed a very, very rare occasion that I get a chance to congratulate any politician in this country, no matter the party. One such occasion has arisen. ..

Improving our economy
The Editor, Sir: There are many obstacles in the way of our country today. Primarily, our financial situation, crime and violence, trade-related problems, and corruption, among other social issues...

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