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Published: Wednesday | July 22, 2009
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'Slavery cannot be just'
The Editor, Sir:

Do permit me space to reply to Michael Dingwall's letter, published yesterday, implying that slavery was being used as a political football.

We all know that it is uncomfortable to hear the truth, but so was the chains that bounded slaves to the bottom of ships.

Misunderstood phenomenon

He asserted slavery was a misunderstood historical phenomenon. May I ask who was it that misunderstood the idea of slavery? Was it the slave or was it the people enforcing slavery?

Slavery was not just a physical thing it was also spiritual and mental. Africans were told to forget their African beliefs and embrace Christianity, which worked so well for Europe. Africans had to endure not just slavery but they had to watch as the greater part of the gold in South Africa was taken from them. When, mercifully, the system was changed, could we pray hard enough to restore the gold and diamonds already gone?

The road to heaven

The good Mr Dingwall should remember that Africans gladly forgave, as they say it's the road to heaven, but Africans still know that slavery was wrong. How is it that people who were slaves in Egypt can remember it and their deliverance, yet when Africans mention their ordeal it makes so many uncomfortable? No one knows how many souls were lost between Africa and the New World, they never saw it fit to count them!

Slavery, in all its forms, cannot be just. Even if is mentioned in the Bible, it is unjust!

I am, etc.,

Tyrone Osborne


Orlando, Florida

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