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Published: Friday | July 17, 2009
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Economy off track, Gov't drifting
The Editor, Sir: Please publish this as an open letter to Prime Minister Bruce GoldingDear Sir,Jamaica and the economy are way off course and it is evident, from having attended the two most recent recent town-hall meetings which were hosted ...

More on biblical tongues
The Editor, Sir: With regard to the column by Rev Devon Dick concerning speaking in tongues, I do agree with Rev Jennings to an extent that the tongues spoken in the book of Acts and the tongues spoken in Corinth were different, but only to the extent...

Flawed CARICOM analysis
The Editor, Sir: An article by Okke W. Snieders from St Maarten (Gleaner, July 16) tries to put CARICOM in the context of a very pleasant experience. In his weak attempt to justify an expansion of CARICOM ...

Why not solar-powered AC units?
The Editor, Sir: For a long time one of the major deterrents to getting an air-conditioning unit (AC) has been the high electricity bill that it will inevitably yield. However, with the blistering temperatures ...

JCF doesn't need major overhaul
The Editor, Sir: Despite recent criticisms of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), I believe it is a well-structured, well-organised and disciplined agency. The force doesn't need any major overhaul or reconstruction.

Zip through five constituencies in nine minutes
The Editor, Sir: It has been announced that the number of parliamentarians are to be increased from 60 to 63. Why? When the man in the street is asked, those who support the move seem to feel that this is the answer to the poor ...

Use TEF wisely
The Editor, Sir: Jamaica is in the throes of a serious financial crisis and we are planning to use $300 million of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) for lighting and beautification of an 'elegant corridor' along a strip of Highway 2000...

Overextended political season
The Editor, Sir: Just when many are expecting Jamaica's rather overextended political season to come to an end, we hear news of the Electoral Office of Jamaica's plan to expand the number of constituencies.

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