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Published: Friday | July 17, 2009
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Readers respond - Unnecessary expenditure

The Editor, Sir:

In the Financial Gleaner of June 26 were two very interesting articles which are on a subject I have written about and urged the powers that be to address, namely, the enactment of an amendment to the Registration (Strata Titles) Act.

For many years, most strata plans have struggled to pay expenses because there are owners who refused to pay their apportioned maintenance. I live in a strata plan building that suffers from owners who refuse to pay.

In the aforementioned articles it is stated that a bill is in Parliament to amend the act, which proposes the creation of a body, the Commission of Strata Corporation, to monitor and supervise all strata corporations.

I am writing to put the question to the Government of why do we need to establish a commission, with all the related expenses, to act as it were, as an intermediary between strata owners who pay their maintenance on time and the 'free livers' whose intrinsic belief is that they can live off honest, hard-working persons, all because of shortcomings in the Strata Act?

All that is needed is to amend the act and put some teeth in it so that, at least in this area, criminals are not allowed to rule in our country.

William G Whiting


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