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Published: Friday | January 2, 2009
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EDITORIAL - Collective punishment in Gaza
What ought to be the enduring lesson of the last 60 years of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that it is near impossible to bomb an idea into oblivion and that the infliction of collective punishment is hardly ever successful in winning political goals...

The honeymoon is over
This is the second new year under the new Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government, but so far there has been very little that is really new. Even the most rabid pro-government person would have to admit that the performance of the new government in its... - Peter Espeut

UN battles over sex and rights
Much has been made of the Declaration on Human Rights and Sexual Orientation, which was tabled on December 18, 2008 at the United Nations. This declaration, which was sponsored by France, had the support of approximately 65 countries, including western... - Shirley Richards

Be thankful - I was speaking recently with a co-worker who is originally from Russia and he commented on how much great foods Jamaicans have, that are so tasty. Many Russian families, he said, exist all winter on bread, eggs, onions and a few root vegetables...

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