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Published: Friday | January 2, 2009
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Be thankful

I was speaking recently with a co-worker who is originally from Russia and he commented on how much great foods Jamaicans have, that are so tasty. Many Russian families, he said, exist all winter on bread, eggs, onions and a few root vegetables, while we have an abundance of everything. This only goes to show that things cannot make you happy!

Dear Jamaicans, if your goal is to have enough, that will never happen because 'enough' is elusive. My wish for 2009 is that Jamaicans will learn to be thankful to God who has blessed them, their supporting friends and family!

- K Browne, colkatol@live.com, Toronto, Canada

Why blame women only?

As a Caribbean woman, I am sick of and sickened by seeing and hearing women alone being blamed when it comes to matters of child-rearing. This blight continues odiously to overlay public discourse within my own country, as is the case with the rest of our post-colonial enclave of former slave men and women.

As we realise, it has been due to the region-wide cultural propensity for 'excusing' young boys from housework, then later from sexual responsibility, then later from just about everything else that a normal human being should be expected to adhere to, that we have reached, through our own silly proclivities, this ridiculous sociocultural pass today.

- Carmen Mills, payned@sunbeach.net, St Michael, Barbados

In praise of Dickie Jobson

Jamaica has lost an ambassador extraordinaire with the passing of Dickie Jobson. I was fortunate to have been rescued by Dickie in 1978 when I had come to the island to attend the One Love Peace Concert. Suffering a debilitating sunburn, I was thinking of going home early until Dickie convinced me to stay.

The ensuing adventure with Dickie as host and his magical friend Countryman as sidekick was a slice of life so sweet I can never forget. I shall always remember Dickie for the gentleman he embodied, with a beauty so unique, so Jamaican. Farewell, my friend. Soon come.

- Elizabeth Barraclough, lizardbearclaw@earthlink.net, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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