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Published: Wednesday | December 30, 2009
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LETTER OF THE DAY - More benefits than problems with E10 fuel
The Editor, Sir: During the oil crisis of the 1970s when gasolene was hard to come by, the Brazilian government began promoting bio-ethanol as a fuel. In 1975, the government there launched the National Alcohol Programme...

Mannings Hill roadblocks
The Editor, Sir:For the second time in the last three weeks, the police recently blocked off the top of Mannings Hill Road in the middle of the evening rush-hour, with no notification whatever to the public.

The grinch who stole Christmas in Jamaica
THE EDITOR, Sir: After travelling throughout the Corporate Area last week, then to the country for Christmas, I came to a realisation that saddened me. The number of homes that boasted signs of the festive season could easily be counted ...

Half-Way Tree eyesore
The Editor, Sir:To my horror, I see that Digicel is erecting more bright red boxes in Half-Way Tree.Some years ago, another company placed a large float advertising its products in the midst of the gorge at Bog Walk.

The other side to hospital security
The Editor, Sir:I am a Jamaican working as a physician in the United States. I have also worked in Jamaica as a physician and also at the Bustamante Hospital for Children. I read with some bemusement the complaint from the reader...

Shaw a scapegoat?
The Editor, Sir: Please allow me space to respond to your editorial of Monday, December 28, in which you sought to make the argument for the replacement of Audley Shaw as finance minister.

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