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Published: Friday | January 2, 2009
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Keep your head up when things are looking down
As the global recession sweeps ashore, industry leaders and government officials in Jamaica have warned that the fall-off could devastate the job market.

Job loss can have a profound effect on employees' emotional well-being. There is a typical cycle that most people experience: denial, anger, frustration, and eventually adaptation. Emotional issues must be set aside and a number of practical issues addressed.

Ensure that you receive all benefits to which you are entitled from the employer.

Rather than looking at job loss as a horrible development, it's better to consider the positive implications of the situation. Take time to make some changes.

Keep a positive attitude.

Determine how long your financial resources will sustain you.

Begin to plan for the future.

Look at why you lost your job. If the company is downsizing, examine carefully if it's a trend in the industry. Consider if you want to pursue employment in that field or switch gears.

If a career change is in order, look for markets that are in high demand and try to get qualified for that sector.

If not, maybe this is a good time to diversify your skill base in order to be more marketable.

Look forward to your next opportunity. You never know what doors this turn of events might open for you.

Look for prudent prospective channels to invest the money you get from the employer.

Improve your marketability

Develop a highly impressive resume.

Become technology-savvy. Employees who are au fait with cutting-edge technology can more easily comprehend how advances in technology enable them to perform their job duties more efficiently.

Be flexible in terms of job expectations, to be as marketable as possible.

Look like a winner. This will build your self-confidence and boost your chances of impressing a prospective employer.

Improve your interview skills.

Understudy a mentor with success in your field.

Do something socially constructive.

Have big dreams. Employers prefer to hire persons who are highly motivated and driven to succeed.


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