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Published: Friday | January 2, 2009
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Utility of fireworks
The Editor, Sir:

It was with consternation that I listened to and read the comments re: the Government's spending $12 million to mount fireworks display to mark the start of 2009.

Fireworks are the epitome of all major celebrations. Here in Jamaica, we do not have many celebrations where fireworks are displayed. This year was an exception as we fêted the Olympic athletes.

The naysayers, including talkshow hosts, opined that it is outlandish for Jamaica to spend so much on fireworks, considering the global economic situation and the abject poverty of some of our people.

Our poor and disadvantaged children have little beauty in their lives; they live in drab surroundings with little beauty around them. No parks to frolic in except Emanci-pation Park and Hope Gardens. Many cannot afford the bus fares to these venues.

For several years, I have taken children from the Government Children's Homes plus other children from poor circumstances to the waterfront for the fireworks display and they love it. We missed the last two years (no display). We enjoyed the sea breeze, the fun and camaraderie. We also felt very safe.

My opinion is that the awe and wonder of the fireworks display is an asset to a child's mental health.

I am, etc.,


Kingston 19

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