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Published: Monday | June 1, 2009
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Is the JPS that broke?
The Editor, Sir:

I am a contractor with the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) and have been experiencing delays in getting substantial payments for works done on its transmission and distribution system. Apart from the runaround given by its own employees, the 'excuses' include the bills not being submitted by the parish office, the invoice reportedly being on the president's desk and awaiting his signature, and the latest, that the company had to pay substantial dividends to its parent company, Marubeni. This has resulted in no money to pay current bills on time.

Revenues reduced

I am requesting that the Office of Utilities Regulation conduct an investigation into the company's financial affairs to determine whether in fact it is paying dividends while not settling its suppliers' and contractors' bills on time.

There are also suggestions that the company's revenues have been reduced substantially because of the closure of the bauxite sectors and the reduced demand from the tourism and retail sectors, three of its largest industries.

On the other hand, the company's ballooning wage bill and high costs of operation due to inefficiencies on its part has seen a big gap between ex-penditures and revenues.

As a contractor, I am very concerned that the failure of the JPS to settle its bills will have to result in me closing down my business in Jamaica.

I, therefore, ask for the relevant authorities to intervene.

I am, etc.,


Atlanta, Georgia

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