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Published: Monday | June 1, 2009
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SEX & RELATIONSHIP - Best and worst ways to break up

It may help to deliver the news in person.

It was James Ingram who sang, "There's no easy way to break somebody's heart", and he was right. When it comes to telling someone who's shared your intimate space that it's over, there is never an easy way to do it.

However, there are some relationships that were not properly established or turned really sour as they ran their course, so being tactful at the end is not the name of the game. You want the end to hurt, and hurt badly.

Breaking up is never easy. Here are some not-so-easy ways to break some body's heart.

(1) Via Facebook or any other social networking site: This has become very popular but very embarrassing. All your friends would know your business and nobody deserves to be embarrassed like that.

(2)With a text message: This is not very nice. It's best if you do it in person no matter what happens, the former lover deserves the decency of being told personally.

(3) Through an email: This only makes it hurt more. It's best if you take the time to put your thoughts (gently) in a hand-written letter that will be appreciated no matter how much it hurts.

(4) By moving out: If you live together, don't just move out, taking what's yours and leaving your set of keys at the other's office. Other people don't need to be invited into your bedroom this way. Tell your soon-to-be ex before he or she leaves the house that you will not be there when he or she gets home.

No matter how bad a relationship turns out to be, remember that, at one point, that person occupied a very special place in your life and heart. Here are some 'nicer' ways to end a relationship.

Bye my friend

(1) With a Dear John/Jane letter. In this technological age, taking the time to write someone a nice letter outlining all the reasons why it just isn't working might be a nice way to get the message home.

(2) Face to face. It may help to deliver the news in person. "It's not you, it's me." This old way of laying it down does make it easier on the one being dumped.

(3) Let the person down easy. Making the dumped one not feel like he/she did anything wrong is a nice way to let him/her down easier, by simply giving the impression that things just aren't working out. Start with the, 'We need to take a break, I need to figure some things out' speech. With this method, make sure when the conversation is over the dumped one realises that the relationship is over because if you try to move on, he/she may have the idea that you're cheating and a 'break' doesn't mean the end.

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