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Published: Monday | June 1, 2009
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... When our needs and desires are different

Like many women, my dream was to one day have a child. But, until three years ago, I had a medical problem and as a result I can only get pregnant through in vitro fertilisation. I was devastated. I am currently in a four-year relationship but for the last two years, it has been going downhill because my fiancÚ says he doesn't think he wants any more children. He knew beforehand that I wanted children. It hurts because I love him but my needs and desires are different from his, so it's only a question of when.

- R.H

... Keep your love under wraps!

Well, even if hickeys do not mean true love, they show others that the person who has them is seeing someone.

The Ministry of Health estimated in 2008 that between 25,000 and 30,000 persons are HIV positive in Jamaica, and roughly 12,000 do not know that they have it. HIV and STDs are not written on people's foreheads. Additionally, when a man/woman has a partner, it is not written on him or her and he or she will tell lies to get sexually involved with another person.

Therefore, any tags that can alert women to keep away from polygamous relationships are good for Jamaicans who take life and sex seriously.

Monogamous relationships lower the risk of HIV and STDs. We all should appreciate signs that show us that a person is sleeping around before we contemplate sleeping with him or her. I would not mind if everyone would have his or her lover's name tattooed on. At least many would live longer and be free from diseases.

So lovers, go right back to putting on those hickeys and expose them. Even if you are gay, make hickeys and, as they fade, replace them. Claim your lover.


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