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Published: Sunday | March 29, 2009
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LETTER OF THE DAY - 'Misleading report on history lecture'
The Editor, Sir: It was with dismay that I read the reportage of my lecture last Tuesday, March 24, in The Gleaner. It is in part inaccurate and consequently, misleading.

Unproductive staff cuts
The Editor, Sir: The Financial Gleaner of Friday, March 27, had on its front page an article on the fact that Sagicor Jamaica was set to cut 75 jobs, although it made record profits the previous year and was set to improve that position this year.

Misplaced priorities
The Editor, Sir; So, there will be an increase in the number of electoral districts from the present 60 to 65, the primary rationale for this being to lessen the possibility of a tie in the general election.

Women's Media Watch got it wrong
The Editor, Sir: Kindly allow me space in your paper to point out an error in an article in your publication of March 7 titled 'Women's Media Watch awards trailblazers'. The article referred to Bishop Carmen Stewart being honoured as the first woman bishop in Jamaica. This is a very big mistake that was made by Women's Media Watch.

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