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Published: Sunday | March 29, 2009
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EDITORIAL - Have they heard that there's a crisis?
A decade ago, in the aftermath of Jamaica's last gas-price riots, a committee headed by Peter Moses, who was then the president of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica, suggested new approaches to the Government's Budget process.

Jamaica and the global crisis
Amid all the hullabaloo about dual citizenship and by-elections and who is humiliating whom politically, the nation seems to have lost sight of a far more important reality: The global economic crisis is upon us with potentially devastating consequences.

A season of lectures
First, there was Kent Pantry, QC, former director of public prosecutions and now dean of the new faculty of law at the University of Technology (UTech). Then there was Professor Anthony Harriott, University of the West Indies (UWI) criminologist. And then Professor Brian Moore...

The paradox in the US economy
In the past week, global stock markets regained some ground as the Geithner Plan to buy toxic assets from United States (US) banks seemed to ease the emotional paralysis which had gripped financial markets since last September.

Financing tertiary education
As science and technology has improved their access to the basic needs of life, individuals have been able to divert time and attention to culture and entertainment, creating a world in which more and more people are engaged in producing and consuming the products of technical and cultural knowledge.

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