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Published: Sunday | March 29, 2009
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Sagicor shuffles managers - Creates group marketing unit with Pan Caribbean
Sagicor Life Jamaica has shuffled the portfolios of several executives, having cut 10 management positions last week, and has gone a step further to merge its marketing functions with subsidiary Pan Caribbean Financial Services, creating in the process a group corporate communications unit that Tanya Miller will oversee.

Italian investor eyes Frome - Jamaicans going after other SCJ assets
An Italian firm has bid for Jamaica's largest sugar factory and its holdings, the Frome Sugar Estate, well-placed sources tell Sunday Business. Additionally, at least three Jamaican firms have indicated interest in acquiring assets of the Sugar Company of Jamaica (SCJ) - in some cases partnering with other interests.

Insurers dance to own 'POCA' beat
My vehicles have been insured with the same company for more than 10 years. When the policy came up for renewal this year, I was asked to fill out a client-information form. Among the questions asked were the following: Did I hold a prominent public position, such as a "senior politician, senior government official or an executive of a political party"? Was I related to any person in any of those groups?

Hungry for consumer credit? 24 card options available
The names Keycard, Visa and MasterCard are all familiar to holders of plastic, but not as well known is just how many options or different types of cards are on the market and just how much credit is consumed by Jamaicans.

Coming soon: a system to track credit history
A joint select committee of Parliament is now reviewing a bill that when debated into law will establish a system to track the credit history of Jamaicans.

Retailers going green as environment sensitivy builds
The Loshusans have not given up on plastic bags; they are still used to bag groceries at their supermarkets. But now customers walk out with plastic that is biodegradable, marking a small step in the retail trade towards a more environmentally friendly way of doing business as the trend for reducing one's carbon footprint takes hold globally.

Clear vacancies for lecturers and technical teachers
Just over 4,000 job cuts have been announced since January across a spectrum of companies, but there are areas in which jobs continue to open up, even in the current downturn.

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