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Published: Sunday | March 29, 2009
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Sunday Sauce - None of that fertiliser for me!
Just when we thought the stench created by the orange one was dissipating, he stirred up the mess some more, recently, by saying the Government should stop importing the smelly fertiliser and use that which he and his nemesis have been producing.

Excerpt from the Jamaica Journal - For love of the game!
Historically, sport has not been an important subject in the fine arts. The only exceptions to this rule have been the elite sports of horse racing, shooting and hunting of all forms.

Shiver me timbers! Pirate novel a treasure chest of fun
Dido's Prize is an entertaining historical romance novel about a young female slave on a plantation in Jamaica in the 17th century. She runs away from the plantation and, disguised as a young man, joins Henry Morgan's fleet.

Literary arts - Remembering Sylvia
Sylvia Morgan was the sixth of nine children; she grew up in Manchester in a little farming district called Rose Hill where everyone knew everyone. It seems everyone in that district was related in some way.

Book review - Makes you think
A familiar message is what this book will convey to readers, as the title implies. What it is saying has been said many times before in other words. It's 68 pages of inspirational words, spanning nine chapters of different themes ...

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