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Published: Wednesday | October 21, 2009
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LETTER OF THE DAY - Let's review our old laws
The Editor, Sir: The apparent lack of enforcement of our laws by the relevant authorities was emphasised when it was revealed recently that there is a law that prohibits the tinting of public passenger vehicles.

Respect the national symbols
The Editor, Sir: I have observed that we continue to play only the first stanza of our National Anthem at official functions. At the National Heroes Day ceremony at King's House, the military band played only the first stanza ...

Joe, Kern can stay
The Editor, Sir: Those who claim to acknowledge and obey the wisdom and supremacy of the Constitution and the judicial process should not at the same time demand that these be superseded by their own personal judgment.

Bolt for WI team
The Editor, Sir: I stood from the vantage point of the makeshift commentary area, doing commentary of the pro 15/15 celebrity matches at the St Ann Bauxite Sports Club field in Discovery Bay on Monday.

When leaders fiddle
The Editor, Sir: It has become apparent for some time now that the quality leadership inherent in good governance is lacking in Jamaica. This does not bode well for the immediate and near future...

What inspired the rank's order?
The Editor, Sir: I have always had a problem with the Jamaican national honours, not the concept; but I have never quite understood how they came up with the ranking of the various honours.

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