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Published: Monday | July 6, 2009
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Sex and Relationship - Stop annoying me!

We love them, but there are some things that our women do that drive us completely insane. Men told Flair the top-10 most annoying things that their lady loves do.

1 They always want to talk during the game. Couldn't this wait until after or during half-time?

2 Take three hours to get ready?

3 Always complain that we're not romantic enough. Every day can't be valentine's day!

4 Nag. If you tell me one time to do it, I will, you don't need to remind me every 10 seconds!

5 Be miserable; they get upset way too easily.

6 Bring up one little mistake or the one time when I was wrong, all the time!

7 Constantly talk about their ex-boyfriend. You are with me now, who cares what he did?

8 Always talk when we're talking or always cutting us off. Can I finish?

9 Never want to get intimate when we do; can a brother have some sugar please?

(10) Always thinks we're cheating because we couldn't answer the phone.

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