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Published: Monday | July 6, 2009
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Certifying lawyers

I would like to endorse Ronald Thwaites's suggestion for an expansion of certifying facilities for lawyers and doctors and would go further to say that instead of doubling the capacity at Norman Manley Law School what should be done is that one of the abandoned buildings close to the Supreme Court should be restored and made the seat of a second local law school.

My former tutor at the Norman Manley Law School, Peter Carson, indicated that when the concept of the law school was birthed it was the intention that it should be located downtown where all the major judicial offices and law firms were, and still are, located.

The increase in lawyers can only be to the benefit of the fee-paying consumer and the society on a whole.

- Robert Collie


RE Wilmot Perkins

Over the past many years Wilmot Perkins has made a sterling contribution to broadcasting and is branded as the 'thinking person' of daytime talk show. He has become a point of reference to many persons because they have come to appreciate his ability to be forthright and credible when commenting on political, social and economic matters.

However, I believe that with the wealth of experience, knowledge and other skills that he has, Jamaica would have benefited more if he had invested in a school of journalism where he would assist in developing the process of 'thinking' and use of grammar .

Through that school he would have been able to mobilise to harness bright and zealous young men and women who are as passionate as he is about injustice, corruption, education, political representation and transparency as it relates to the general running of the country, that would in a sustained way help to change the mentality of our people.

Is it too late to start that institution, Mutty?

- Joy Fraser

Montego Bay

Verdict of death

The great sadness and outpouring of condolences for the 'King of Pop' by his millions of adoring fans (of which I am one) is understandable for such an icon and global figure. But his death reminded me that Michael Jackson and other superstars like him who often seem untouched by the infirmities of the regular person, cannot escape the verdict of death, despite stardom status.

It reminded me that life can be meaningful not because of its length but its quality. The possessions and position no longer have value when death faces us, only the purpose for which we have lived.

For MJ only one thing will matter now - what does the king of the universe think about the 'king of pop'?

- Celia Salmon


Kingston 19

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