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Published: Monday | June 1, 2009
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Becca on target

Tony Becca's Sunday Gleaner comments are right on target. Obviously, though, the West Indies Cricket Board is at a place similar to many of the players and is either unwilling or unable (or both) to accept the realities of our situation; cricket's outcome, appears to be the least of their concerns.

West Indies cricket needs to be removed from the international stage, redesigned or discarded. Individual players will then be free to explore financial opportunities, free of being encumbered by the responsibility of representing a region. Eventually, the advantages of individualism will be demonstrated to all and we will be able to reconstruct a board and a team that should understand the needs of high-level competition.

We do live in a 'me first' environ-ment. Similar challenges face our systems of education, health, law and other far more important facets of Caribbean life.

- Francis Blackman, Brewsir@pol.net, Coral Springs,


Adventists and the Constitution

"We are expecting him to publicly withdraw the statement he made, and commit himself to protecting the rights of the men and women under his charge. People's rights must be respected and protected at the workplace and in pursuit of their educational goals," the church said.

I find this quotation from the story in the Sunday Gleaner (May 31) quite interesting. While not necessarily supporting the commissioner, I would like to ask Derek Bignall to address the question of Seventh-day Adventist-run institutions that schedule examinations on Sundays (early mornings) for students who do not attend regular classes on Sundays, despite repeated petitions by the students regarding the infringement of their religious rights to engage in public worship on a Sunday morning.

The Constitution gives Sunday worshippers the same right as it gives Seventh-day Adventists.

-Carla Myrie, cat_myrie@hotmail.com

Kingston 1

No special privileges

When religious zealots join the armed forces, they often create problems. Remember the Muslim soldier who fired on his colleagues in Iraq in the name of Allah? Our security forces should not be compromised by church doctrine like praying five times a day and staying off the job from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown when gunmen are busy invading our space.

Should the Muslim and Seventh-day soldiers get special privileges? I think not. All are equal and those who think otherwise should not join our security service.

I am appealing to Commissioner Lewin to disregard his detractors and get on with the job.

- Dale Fraser, claude2020@hotmail.com, Kingston 2

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