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Published: Sunday | March 29, 2009
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America veers left
A landmark study just published in the United States finds that "Our country is embracing many core progressive values and shows a real commitment to a progressive vision of government, international affairs and economic and political values that could transform the country in a way that has not been seen since FDR and the New Deal."

The dynamics of development (Part 1)
The review of the Constitution of Jamaica, still in progress after 16 years, is seen differently by various people: An opportunity to close gaps and generally tie up loose ends; a change of system of government from monarchical to republican status; or a complete review of earlier thinking with an open mind.

Jamaica and its cricket history
Arnold Bertram's 685-page history of Jamaica's cricket (Jamaica at the Wicket, 2009) argues a thesis that Jamaica's cricket has done best when it has been multiracial, multi-class, inspired by nationalist ideals, and sponsored by the private sector in a growing economy.

Seizing the moment
The fact that Daryl Vaz and I do not share the same political party affiliation will not prevent me from congratulating him for having been validly elected to sit in Jamaica's House of Representatives.

A truth commission for the US?
The leak of a secret report by the International Committee of the Red Cross about the torture of detainees has brought to the fore the issue of what to do about the human rights violations committed under the Bush administration.

Daggerin' with cleaner lyrics
Vybz Kartel and Spice have come up with a new version of Rampin' Shop that is receiving much airplay in broad daylight. Like the original, this version is all about sexual intercourse - or to use the current dancehall slang, 'daggerin'. The main difference between the two is the metaphors that are used for the act.

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