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Published: Sunday | March 1, 2009
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Stanford affair and Caricom
Two recent events have reinforced our belief in the need for an urgent summit of Caribbean Community (Caricom) leaders to address the global credit crisis and its consequential effects on Caribbean economies.

Competitiveness: The opportunity of the global crisis
The Jamaican economy has long been in crisis. Our ballooning trade, current account and balance of payments deficits; our stagnant GDP, a chronically unstable currency and intractable state of lawlessness are so bad that the description 'crisis' almost seems a euphemism. - Claude Clarke

Jamaican culture
OK, since music is such an important part of the culture, what is the most popular song ever in the cultural music of Jamaica? Is it a Marley number, like Redemption Song? Is it a Festival song, like Eric Donaldson's Oh Cherry Oh Cherry, Oh Baby? - Martin Henry

Clarke clueless on bauxite/alumina
The Editor, Sir: I write in connection with the furore over the situation in respect of Clarendon Alumina Production Ltd (CAP).

Let's take back our society
I am encouraged to see that well-thinking Jamaicans are expressing outrage over the exposure of our children to the lewd and violent lyrics that are destroying their innocence. - Esther Tyson

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