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Published: Wednesday | April 29, 2009
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Oppressive tax increase
The Editor, Sir:

It is rather amusing that all the People's National Party can do to protest the oppressive tax increases is urge people to wear black and honk their horns. But I'm not surprised at such a bankruptcy of ideas.

Having served their term as tax collectors, they really are at one with the Government that the people must pay the tribute to Finance Capital.

The reality though, as every high-school student who has studied basic mathematics knows, is that the debt cannot be repaid (Fidel Castro has said it), nor significantly reduced without savaging the people's standard of living.

If that is the course of action that our agents of Finance Capital have chosen, then I guess they will keep on trying to squeeze the last ounce of blood out of the people.

One wonders though if they have calculated how much longer they can continue doing this. Or, is there a subliminal desire to prepare the groundwork for passing the baton of power so that a new society can be built?

Whether that is their intention or not, this matter of debt makes it clear for all to see that there comes a time when the old social order has lost its reason for existence, has become so bankrupt and rotten, that it must be replaced by a new one.

It may well be that Caesar knows that the time is at hand.

I am, etc.,

Lloyd D'Aguilar



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