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Published: Wednesday | April 29, 2009
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A deceptive Budget
The Editor, Sir:

As a young university student, I want to add my voice about the Budget. I must commend the Golding administration for the soon-to-be-introduced Central Treasury to manage the Budget.

However, the Golding budget for the country was quite fallacious and deceptive. First, I am happy that Audley Shaw acknowledges that the "economic crisis cannot be blamed only on external affairs". Yet despite this acknowledgement, he continuously points to the world recession as the source of Jamaica's dilemma.

The Jamaica Labour Party, in its election manifesto, wishes to see an educated Jamaica. Yet, they taxed computers and printed material. Printed material, whether for pleasure or academic usage, is still educating the people. How does the Government define educational material? Computers are used for academic purpose and for pleasure. Even if it is used for pleasure it is educating the individual in technology.

Education is essential

Mr Shaw boasted that the education budget was increase by 13 per cent, yet the University of the West Indies' subsidy was reduced. I and thousands of other university students will have to pay more for school fees. I must inform the Golding administration that university education is essential for the development of any nation, whether studying in humanities, social sciences, law, sciences or medicine.

I must conclude that the Golding administration does not care about educating the Jamaican people.

I am, etc.,

Oneil Hall


Spanish Town

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