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Published: Wednesday | April 29, 2009
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  • On the budget

    Stack says:

    We can beat up our gums all we want. The budget has been read, set in stone and there is nothing any of us can do about it. So all the talk about Audley Shaw being a bufffoon or us being "humble public servants" is in vain.

  • On the economy

    Cottrell Hyatt says:

    My fellow Jamaicans, it's absolutely fundamental that this JLP Government get the Jamaican economy back on a good track as quickly as possible. We are in the midst of a very, very serious world recession and there is still more to come. To all bloggers on this site, if you were Finance Minister Audley Shaw, what would you do to make this budget better for all Jamaicans? No uneducated comments, please? Thank you!

  • On security matters

    Junior says:

    It was very nice of the Canadian prime minister to praise the security forces, but deep down I know it was just to deflect shame from Bruce Golding and Jamaica's eyes. This just goes to show that they have no control over the security of our people in general. No wonder criminals can roam the street as they wish.

  • On homosexuality

    D ... M says:

    It occurs to me that since most Jamaicans want homosexuals to stay away from Jamaica, homosexuals boycotting Jamaica is simply a matter of them adhering to that wish.

    As far as saying they will keep their tourist dollars, that is fine. If I am not mistaken, giving up your beliefs for money makes you somewhat of a prostitute. I would like to believe they think more highly of us than that, but who can really understand the thought process of gays?

    As far as violence goes, it is an unfortunate fact that violence is a way of life in Jamaica, albeit for a 'significant' minority. Violence is not exclusively aimed at gays. Please understand, it is not my intention to be callous, but saying gays are targeted and murdered in Jamaica is like saying taxi operators, drug dealers and all people from the inner-city communities are targeted and murdered, for being whatever it is they are.

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