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Published: Wednesday | April 29, 2009
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A-Class Budget presentation
The Editor, Sir:

Mr Audley Shaw's budget presentation was unquestionably A-Class. It is an extremely rare class of men who can sell bitters as if it were sugar or advertise such quality without substance. Mr Shaw is one of those extraordinary men.

The sombre facial expressions of the more seasoned government MPs spoke volumes last Thursday. One could tell that those 'old birds' know there is a huge storm up ahead. In fact, their faces alone would have been enough to betray the fact that this virtual e-budget had little connection with practical local reality.

This, of course, contrasted significantly with some of their cackling, juvenile colleagues, who never seem to be quite able to either appreciate the seriousness of the parliamentary process or the severity of the suffering that their constituents are currently experiencing. They seem to believe Parliament is an ongoing comedy and that they are the main actors. And to think that some of them are in fact ministers of government!

Lack of experience

Though it is to be appreciated that Mr Shaw lacks experience in the budgetary process, I do not agree with those who advance the position that the budget is na´ve. Quite the contrary, I believe the minister has deliberately presented a minimalist election budget to lessen political fallout.

He is very conscious of the three impending by-elections and the fact that the window of opportunity is fast fading for his party to gain a constitutionally sound electoral mandate that is defection-proof, thereby providing more latitude for the Chief Servant to fire and hire at will.

The minister of finance is certainly no political fool. There is no doubt in my mind that is a carefully crafted election budget.

I am, etc.,

Stanley Redwood


Middle Quarters, St Elizabeth

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