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Published: Wednesday | April 29, 2009
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Tax on books?
The Editor, Sir: It is with significant dismay and disappointment that I read of the Government's decision to charge GCT on 'printed matter' with exceptions for those deemed to be for religious or educational purposes. In response, I pose a question to the Government, are not all books educational?

Choosing the low road
The Editor, Sir: Here we go again. Mrs Simpson Miller and the PNP have again chosen the low road. They oppose, oppose, oppose but provide no solutions and no alternatives.

A-Class Budget presentation
The Editor, Sir: Mr Audley Shaw's budget presentation was unquestionably A-Class. It is an extremely rare class of men who can sell bitters as if it were sugar or advertise such quality without substance. Mr Shaw is one of those extraordinary men.

Child vendors
The Editor, Sir: It has been brought to my attention that the number of children vending on the streets has reached an alarming level. It is as if the number is doubling. What is even more troubling is the fact that these children can be seen during school hours 'higglering'.

Kingston's decline
The Editor, Sir: What a fascinating article you carried in The Gleaner on Monday, April 27, about 'The beginning of Kingston's decline'. This is an article by Paul H. Williams based on the views of Enrico Stennett, presumably a resident of Kingston.

Noteworthy (www.gleanerblogs.com)
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A deceptive Budget
The Editor, Sir: As a young university student, I want to add my voice about the Budget. I must commend the Golding administration for the soon-to-be-introduced Central Treasury to manage the Budget. However, the Golding budget for the country was quite fallacious and deceptive.

Oppressive tax increase
The Editor, Sir: It is rather amusing that all the People's National Party can do to protest the oppressive tax increases is urge people to wear black and honk their horns. But I'm not surprised at such a bankruptcy of ideas.

Moving forward
The Editor, Sir: Claude Clarke's Public Affairs article headlined, 'The PNP Policy Challenge' was brilliantly written. Perceptive, perspicacious, astute and above all, brutally frank and honest, refreshingly so.

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