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Published: Wednesday | April 29, 2009
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Editorial - Commissioner Lewin's difficult road
What is surprising is that, coming into the Jamaican constabulary, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin was surprised to discover the extent to which the rules were not followed, particularly with regard to the policy for the use of firearms. It is either that Admiral Lewin was not properly briefed on the state of the force; that he, initially, did not take the briefing seriously enough...

LETTER OF THE DAY - Barack Obama: a glimmer of hope
The Editor, Sir: It may be said that since the existence of Homo sapiens, planet Earth has been plagued with the never-ending scourge of confrontation. And it may also be said that this irrational strategy has only brought about perpetual hatred, mistrust and utter misery.

We cannot afford the Governor General
The Editor, Sir: The government's introduction of a fuel tax and other taxes means an increase in every single commodity. This move comes at a time when thousands of jobs have been and are being lost, when there is a sharp reduction in remittances, a blind eye being paid to the minimum wage and, above all, a wage freeze for public-sector workers.

Backward step in education
The Editor, Sir: It is painfully obvious that this Government has certainly taken a backward step in education. How else can you rationalise charging tax on computers and printed matter?

Disappointed with Portia
The Editor, Sir: As a Jamaican living abroad, I am very disappointed with Portia Simpson Miller who is complaining about the new taxes. How can any country survive without charging taxes?

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