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Published: Monday | December 6, 2010
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NCU extends reach
The Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Media Group has promised to deliver top-class programmes to the homes of Jamaicans.

The group's operations include NCU TV and a radio station, NCU FM which broadcasts islandwide, and the university's president, Dr Herbert Thompson, says he is pleased with the strides being made.

"It is a great achievement for us not only as a university, but as the Seventh-day Adventist Church," Thompson said.

"These media will be used for the dissemination of quality programmes that will be informative and uplifting. I believe that between the history of the Adventist Church in Jamaica and NCU, we have the possibility to do great things, not only to impress, but to impact the nation, and it is to those possibilities that I welcome listeners," Thompson said.

Using the airwaves

Meanwhile, Dr Hopeton Dunn, chairman of the Broadcasting Commission, has lauded NCU for using the airwaves to transmit its values.

"This is an institution that we have reposed confidence in, in respect of the licence from the Broadcasting Commission, and we have every belief and knowledge that this movement that you are a part of will extend all across Jamaica," Dunn said.

He added: "We believe that there should be values inculcated in the education that is offered right across the country and that the electronic media can be conveyors of both education and values.

"We are also excited about the increase in choice and diversity which we are seeing through the growth of institutions such as this. It is our expectation that Jamaica will grow in the number of media entities offering educational uplifting value-based output, of which NCU forms a part of that."

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