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Published: Monday | December 6, 2010
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Osmosis raises the bar
Did you envision Osmosis would become the 'fashion Mecca' it is now, considering its jeans and tees origins?

Not at all. We started out doing this for fun, but I guess you could say that we reached a point where our ambition took over. Every time we staged the event we added a bit more to it, so it just continued to grow and grow to what it is now. It actually was a topic of discussion in our meetings where we asked ourselves what would make persons stop wearing T-shirts to Osmosis. We believed that if we cracked that, we would start to become a priority event, versus an optional event.

Osmosis is raising the bar at party events, and part of that has to do with the fashion. 'Flair' asked the Mad Circle Team via email, about the fashion revolution the event has caused.

How has the dress at Osmosis influenced other events from what you've observed?

We think each event dictates its own image and resulting dress code ... so we wouldn't say that persons' choice to go all out for Osmosis has impacted any other events. The most we would say is that Osmosis is now compared to a different set of events in terms of fashion today than it was say three or four years ago.

Is the paradigm shift in fashion a good thing?

As it relates to our event, yes! We believe the fashion shift has helped us tremendously. People purchase new clothes and go all out for priority events such as red-carpet awards and banquets. So getting people to view us in this light has helped us with our sponsors, partners and of course in attendance. Not only have patrons taken notice of our shift, but sponsors also.

Is there a particular style or trend that patrons can go for?

We can only recommend that persons push their fashion envelope to its breaking point, because this is the event to go 'all out'. Don't be afraid to wear that dress, shirt, jacket or pants you thought was too 'out there'. Not only will the cameras highlight you if you create an impact, but, as we continue to hint at, you may also be rewarded.

As for those rewards, the team has some, dare we say, swaggerific ideas in mind!

As you enter the event you will parade across The Gleaner photo red-carpet area where you can be photographed alongside our Smirnoff models, and from that point on, our Digicel Fashion Police will be looking out for you to take a snapshot of our 25 most fashionable guests. It could be you, as you can win custom BlackBerry cases, and the top two will each win a white BlackBerry Bold 2.

You said the launch of the Osmosis magazine helped fuel the 'fashion revolution'. How's the publication this year?

This year we chose not to do a magazine, as we think for the moment it achieved its purpose of, as you said, fuelling the 'fashion revolution'. As true innovators we have put it on hold so that we can build the anticipation for 2011, as the magazine could return in a similar manner or in a completely different format.

Why do people continue to push the fashion envelope?

Fashion as displayed on the outside is a window to the personality of the individual, and so we believe persons coming to Osmosis want to showcase their personality in keeping with the premium image of Osmosis. They feel they will be comfortable going all out at Osmosis, because they will stand out in a good way and they are not afraid to take chances.

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