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Published: Monday | December 6, 2010
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Wear your art
Jewelery from Khruma Vahl Designs.
Sheena Gayle, Gleaner Writer

Western Bureau:

With designs that offer a burst of vibrant creativity, Khruma Vahl Designs is intent on helping its clients wear their personality through one-of-a-kind jewellery. Some of the pieces were seen at the recent Wise Women cocktail party in Montego Bay.

Hand-made to perfection, each piece created by Khruma Vahl has its own identity and evokes an appreciation for the artistic effort in these highly fashionable designs.

"The concept behind Khruma Vahl designs is the creation of unique wearable hand-made jewellery and accessories which include one-of-a-kind and limited-quantity designs, as many of the pieces are pleasing to the eye but not practical for ready-to-wear jewellery," the artistic mastermind Khruma Vahl told Flair Magazine.

As to how he feels when persons are seduced by his designs, a humbled Khruma noted, "I am pleased that my artistic vision will allow my customers an opportunity to share the art wherever they may be, hence my motto: 'Wear your art!'."

Assorted material

Whether it is 30 minutes or as many as two weeks, the time spent making a particular item varies considerably and is predicated by his artistic mood. The process, he explained, flows from touching, feeling and moulding whatever medium is placed in his hands: leather, bamboo, semi-precious stones, crystals or other assorted material.

"I see Khruma Vahl designs becoming a financially viable line of unique, art jewellery and accessories, which will include handbags for which I currently have a prototype design, also belts, and clothing," Khruma said of his vision for his company that is currently managed by his wife.

Khruma, who is a Jamaican-born designer based in Canada, explained that persons can go to his website to order any of the pieces.

"We accept all major credit cards and ship internationally. I do custom orders which involve modification of current designs, adjustment of length, substitution of material, such as semi-precious stones and colours. You can wear your art and Khruma Vahl designs can make that happen," he said. The prices of the items in this feature range from US$30-$300 (J$2,610 to J$26,100).

You may contact Khruma Vahl at: khrumavahldesigns@hotmail.com or visit the website at: www.khrumavahldesigns.com

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