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Published: Monday | December 6, 2010
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KELLY'S WORLD: Christmas wishes
When I was a child (some people tell me I still am), I used to look forward to Christmas.

Sooner or later, I would get the inevitable question: What do you wish for this Christmas? Obviously, I wanted all the latest toys, but soon enough got the message that a gold spoon was not part of my dental work at birth. Still, it never stopped me from wishing. What shiny toy I did get, I was immensely grateful for, because even at that age I knew I was better off than some.

As I got older, I put the toys aside, going for more 'grown-up' stuff. But now, wishing for Christmas has got even bigger. There was a time when people would wish for a million dollars, thinking in Jamaican currency. Now everyone's thinking US dollars or British pounds. I remember when people would wish for a 'criss' car. Now they're afraid they will get carjacked and, of course, the tax man will get them (worse, now we have big debt). As for the universal peace on Earth wish, well, don't know who still believes in that one.

This year, I've decided to wish for stuff that: a) don't make me look too greedy (I hope); and b) would mirror stuff that someone else in my situation would also wish for. (Hence, it's a very short wish list).

Wish the Koreans (North and South) would find a way to work things out. Lord knows we don't need World War III;

For Manchester United to be top of the Barclays Premier League at the start of the new year;

Wish we could put Manatt and Trafigura to rest; FINALLY!

That of all the parties/dances/ sessions that will take place this season, we have no fatalities from scuffles or accidents as a result of overconsumption of alcohol.

On that note, designated drivers in the United Kingdom will be offered 'free' soft drinks as part of the government's Christmas anti-drink-drive campaign. Some 8,000 pubs are taking part in the scheme which offers a buy-one-get-one-free deal on soft drinks. Imagine our Government doing that. "Give this young man two Maltas on my bill!" Of course, knowing some of our drivers, they will ask for a shot of 'whites' in it!

Speaking of the white overproof rum, there were many cheers when drinkers heard that, of all the strong drinks that will cost more, white rum was not one of them. Cheers to that! As for cigar prices rising, that doesn't bother me; the only smoking I do is when the steam starts coming through my ears when I'm considerably upset. Which I will be if Santa doesn't grant my wishes. Later!

Tell me what you're wishing for at daviot.kelly@gleanerjm.com.

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