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Last updated: 2022-08-09 11:30:32

Raging fire consumes fourth tank at Cuba oil storage facility
HAVANA (AP) — Flames engulfed a fourth tank at an oil storage facility in western Cuba on Tuesday as the raging fire consumes critical fuel supplies on an island grappling with a growing energy crisis. Firefighters and specialists from Mexico...

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Today's Issue Published: Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Teacher exodus may pull plug on some subjects

High teacher migration rates are raising a new threat to school administrations beyond the struggle of stretching manpower. Principals are now facing the dilemma of perhaps abandoning some curriculum programmes in the upcoming academic year amid...

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Growth & Jobs | Future of fashion is sustainability

PLAYERS IN the local fashion and apparel sector are being urged to look towards sustainability as the global fashion industry focuses more on environmentally friendly practices. Acting head of department for applied art at Edna Manley College of...

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Russell-Love impressed with Hill

NO LESS than 1998 Commonwealth 100-metre hurdles champion Gillian Russell-Love thinks that new World Under-20 champion Kerrica Hill could develop into a terrific senior hurdler. According to Russell-Love, the slim 17-year-old might eventually break...

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Buffett's firm reports US$44b loss but its businesses thrive

Warren Buffetts company reported a US$43.76-billion loss in the second quarter as the paper value of its investments plummeted, but Berkshire Hathaways many operating companies generally performed well, suggesting the overall economy is...

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Ja 60 Western Gala delivers colourful musical affair

WESTERN BUREAU: MONTEGO BAYS night skies were lit up with colourful displays on Sunday as the special 300-drone showcase made its way to the western city for the Jamaica 60 Western Gala, part of the islands diamond jubilee celebrations. Hundreds...

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Editorial | Rescuing the JTA
When the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) holds its annual conference in Montego Bay later this month, they must make it a substantial and substantive affair that delivers ideas and decisions that are transformative of education in Jamaica. In...

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Letter of the Day | Community groups key to solving crime problem

THE EDITOR, Madam: We are a great nation because of our people. Our dominance in sports, music and the arts have won us international acclaim. However, crime and violence has tarnished our image and reputation in much the same way it has damaged...

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‘DJ' and Safari make their greatest hit

On November 15, 2018, Dwayne Jacobs thought it would be a typical day at work. That was until Safari Anderson entered the room that afternoon. “She was beautiful, had a great smile and captivating eyes that made my heart skip a beat each time she...

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Is a container home right for you?

Homeownership is one of the most important goals for many people, but with the state of Jamaicas real estate market some have written it off as a pipe dream. The cost of residential units locally has risen significantly over the past couple of...

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Fire at oil facility spreads as third tank ignites

HAVANA (AP): A deadly fire that began at a large oil storage facility in western Cuba spread on Monday after flames enveloped a third tank that firefighters had tried to cool, as they struggle to fight the massive blaze. At least one person has...

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